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Highway whores…

Driving from Rome to the Autostrada on our way to Tuscany, we came across pockets of prostitues along the highway! My very favourite of all was the one with the lime green “skirt” (although it looks white in the photo). Excuse the quality, we were travelling at some speed.

Not that I’m terribly well travelled, but I’ve never encountered this anywhere, or even heard of it. It raised all sorts of questions to which I will never have answers, but I’m just fascinated.

The only other highway whores (several on the same stretch of road) we saw were in the middle of a rural area in Tuscany – those all appeared to be of African descent.

4 thoughts on “call me unworldy

  1. I only wish my legs looked as good! We drove past here twice (having been not sure that we were on the correct road). Hence I was prepared for the photo.The one in the gold skirt was “contracted” seconds after the photo was taken. Frankly, If I was in the market, I would have chosen fluoro green belt.

  2. This happens here, I’ve seen them on the Great Western Highway before, and other roads like that out west.

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