on the piss

What’s going down in Casa Don e Carol?

Today, I’m enjoying Braided River, a rather nice, inoffensive marlborough sauvignon blanc – not quite so citrus-y as I’d normally associate with a kiwi white, but very drinkable indeed (and I think was only about $14.00 – bargain). If you can find it, I daresay you’ll enjoy it. I’m all about the NZ wines at the moment.

Don is drinking Castalvecchio chianti. I am not drinking chianti because red wine makes me super-ill (I’m convinced it’s the tannin, I can’t drink tea either). Don describes it as “nice”.

Hmmm … Len Evans I’m not.

3 thoughts on “on the piss

  1. Ellis, I completely and utterly adore that bridge – I even have pictures of it at my workstation.Really, I don’t think you can go wrong with the kiwis. We also enjoyed a Montana Sauvignon blanc that evening – which I’d rate a smidge more highly (about the same price point) – much more of the citrus-y flavour I was expecting.CB, have not had the pleasure of the St Clair, but will have to try and track some down.

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