Remember when I said no?

Guess what was waiting for me upon my return to Marie Celeste1?

Damn you, Professor, and your inability to deliver.

As such, since arrival fingies have been worn to the proverbial.

Oh, the holiday?

Tremendous. Wonderful. Amazing. Delightful. And every other superlative you can come up with.

More on that later (when the work stress dissipates somewhat).

1I really must arrive at a more apt name.

5 thoughts on “alive!

  1. Thanks all. It was utterly marvellous! Am madly looking forward to the next hols. Who knew travelling could be so much fun?No, not Marie Claire, although you’re not the only person to idly wonder that. Much less glamourous, sadly, but probably better for my psyche.HB, I am more than happy to wait as long as you like!

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