We’re in Tuscany!

It is utterly beautiful and utterly pouring (and utterly freezing – unseasonally so).

Don has been impressing me with his manliness by building fires in the fireplace and there has been much good food and wine.

Rome was amazing, and despite what some people of my aquaintence have claimed, you really cannot “do it” in a day – I really don’t think a week was enough.

We took around 900 photos between us in Rome (and while I am prone to exaggeration – that is probably underestimating it). I pity the fools who we force to sit through a viewing of them.

Internet is patchy and crap (am on dial-up at present) – updates will be limited.

Oh, and of course ANZ have done nothing to resolve the accessing my money issue. Have to sort it when we return. Thank gods for Don’s credit card.

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