companies who shit me (I’m looking at YOU emirates & ANZ)

I’m in Dubai ariport, drinking Stella, watching the sun come up and trying to calm the hell down.

Emirates has fucked up our seating allocation (which was confirmed earlier in the week) and so it looks like we’ll be sitting the length of the plane apart on the flight to Rome because the dickhead at Sydney screwed up our boarding passes. None of the “I’m sorry we fucked up” or “we’ll see what we can do to fix it” – despite us having our original confirmation with us. We are rather miffed to say the least as we booked these tickets (and seats) in November. ARGH! Be assured we’ll not be choosing to fly with them ever again.

And as for ANZ … just before we left, I attempted to transfer some money from my savings to my ordinary account. Apparently the idiots who we showed our documentation to did not flag that we provided it in the system, thus customer service would not remove the flag, so the upshot is that I can’t access any of my holiday savings while on actual holiday. Of course the minute we return, we’ll be taking our banking elsewhere.

Idiots all.

Still, we are determined to enjoy things.

5 thoughts on “companies who shit me (I’m looking at YOU emirates & ANZ)

  1. Oh that is just idiotic on both accounts. Ridiculous. When we were on hols Bankwest rang me a couple of times to check that all the spending that was happening on euros was by us, not some thief. Surely ANZ can sort this out over the phone. Ridiculous! But drinking beer and watching the sunrise is probably a good antidote.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve billed thousands and thousands of dollars to ANZ over the past week.Have you been able to get your money?I guess I will send you a long email at some point so you can hear about this fantastic long weekend I’ve been having 😐

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