Well, that was a rather, shall we say, intense week. I’m rather glad it is over, although I doubt that the intensity will dissipate at all during the coming months. Still, I think the holiday did wonders, for while I am filled with anger (I’m looking at you, Professor), I do not feel in the least stressed. I conclude that I should travel to exotic locales much more frequently. That and just chill out.

Anyway herewith begins assorted miscellany from The Holiday…

There were many cool and amusingly named italian products, but here are three of the best:

We arrived at our accomodations in Vernazza (week 3) and discovered the following in our bathroom:

Carol soap – awesome.
(And of course, the other part of the name is the sickening pet name Don and I have for one another – I’ll wait while you finish gagging).

Finished? Okay…

We pulled into a service station in Tuscany (week 2) (kind of nearish to San Miniato) to grab a quick coffee (incidentally, I am convinced there is nowhere in Italy that makes bad coffee – even service stations on quietish country roads are good) and found the following bar block of chocolate (front+back):


Strangely, we didn’t see this available anywhere else during our stay. Luckily we bought it, unlike some other way cool stuff we thought we’d buy later and then couldn’t find.

They have twisties in Italy! Except that, being Italian, they have a much more stylin’ name:


But of course, not everything was cool, there was the horror:


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  1. Jano + James (and anyone else who I have “known” for years – eg. elsewhere), email me at donxcarol at gmail dot com and I will send you the link to the Real Life flickr holiday pix.I have this unpleasant feeling that there is the potential for a horrible collision between my blog life and my guarded normal existence and I’d rather like to avoid that for a while longer if I can. Not that I mind long time readers knowing my Real Name (as pedestrian and un-Carol-Baxter-mrs-hardly as it is). God, I should have laid off the wine. But, yes people, email me and I will send you links to the artsy pix!

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