shoes. fin.

Yesterday, I bought these:

skechers: waterlily

Not precisely what I was after, but super-comfy (well, will be after the wearing in period, of course) and most importantly, can be worn with a skirt / dress without looking just plain tragic or like an old skool raver1.

I wore them all day without socks with very few issues, however I think they will be quite revolting after the trip though – my feets get a tad sweaty.

So, yay! Another thing crossed of the holiday list!

Less than three weeks to go – goodness!

I have to say that I have not been at all involved in the planning of this – Don has done simply everything (and mad props to him for that!), the booking, the decisions on accomodation etc etc.

I was thinking on the walk home how I am really looking forward to the pure shock of being immersed (albeit for a short time) in a different culture (and just being outside Australia) and how will be very interested to see how I react to it all.

1yes, I was one, but I am rather too elderly to rock that look anymore

3 thoughts on “shoes. fin.

  1. I’m pretty enamoured of them!Fenton used to have this magical anti-stinky-feet powder called “granny’s remedy” – which his mum sent him from NZ. It was amazing – I need to source some of that because … I too have stinky feets.

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