drawing closer

Only 17 days to go! (woo!) And about 30 full days of work to fit into that time. Apart from the insane amount of work to be done, the holiday plans are coming along nicely – again thanks to Don, who is doing absolutely everything.

Tomorrow I am doing the delightful working from home thing, and truly, if I could negotiate to do that one day a week, I would indeed be a very happy little camper – although not nearly as happy as hazelblackberry, of whom, I am sure, we are all insanely envious.

3 thoughts on “drawing closer

  1. And working from home isn’t always fun. (I did it yesterday being sick and all.)The good news is that the doctor has put me on massive steroids to deal with the asthma. Apparently the side effects will be good for work because I’ll be hyper and cheery đŸ™‚Of course it also means sleep is about to become a novelty.APG

  2. Well, yes HB, there is that.However, having just emptied my bank account into various scholastic thingies – I can relate to that broke thing as well.APG, I look forward to your ‘roid rage – that should mix things up a bit in the office.

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