shoes, redux

After actually trying on a pair of DFH shoes today, I came to the realisation that they are desperately uncomfortable.

This left me a little nonplussed, as I was counting on them as a (albeit unatrractive) thong alternative.

Fortunately, the maker of the shoes I covet but cannot find anywhere1, came to the rescue, with the most ridiculously expensive (at $139) and extraordinarily comfortable pair of thongs I will ever own.

Very stylin’ indeed.

Now about those mary janes…

1Perhaps I should put my babies’ step-mother on the job

4 thoughts on “shoes, redux

  1. I bought Merrell Mary Janes in the US. They were very comfortable and stylish — like street shoes with the insides of runners. They can get a bit festy tho (or maybe that’s just me) — you need to spray them with one of those scotchguard, anti-smell treatments (Colorado have them).

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for reading (and more so for enjoying!). I now lust after dansko clogs – they look fabulous! Of course, no-one here seems to stock them, so they go on my i-must-go-to-america-&-buy-awesome-shoes list!Elsewhere, I think it’s not just you – my brand new skechers are becoming somewhat festy already. I hate to think what they will be like after 3 weeks travel. Also, I am jealous of your merrells.thanks, CB, I am most chuffed indeed with them!

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