“you’re in for a treat” said don’s pal, percy

And he was right. ZOMFG, the Arcade Fire were quite possibly the best band I have ever seen live. It was truly amazing.

There was even a hurdy gurdy!

Bernard Zuel rather liked it too.

I am not going to even attempt to review it1, but truly, if you have the chance to murder someone and get tix to one of their shows, you really totally should.

1My terribly brief (and amazingly, paid) gig reviewing career reached it’s pinnacle when I finished a dance party review with a TS Eliot quote (one should quit when one is at one’s peak).

2 thoughts on ““you’re in for a treat” said don’s pal, percy

  1. Yes! And I’m rather fond of walking upon the beach.My quote was from the end of The Hollow Men (but I’ll have to admit it was more influenced by Nevil Shute – I’m all about On the Beach and rather less about poetry)

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