slave to the blog

Damn it, missed a day of posting (there goes the 365).

Now, I could cheat and backdate my post, but that is not really cricket, is it?

Perhaps I can swap my free day on the 29th Feb for 24th Jan?

Although goodness knows what I’ll do once we get to Italy (48 days to go!) – although I imagine we will succumb and take along Gertrude (Don’s macbook).

Finally, after much angst and drama (which I did not relate here), our lovely new fridge was delivered and put into place by an amazingly strong man on Thursday evening. He was so strong that he lifted our security door from its hinges like it was a sheet of paper (I can barely and briefly even lift it off the ground – so much for all of those weights I do!).

The drama involved the fridge being too large to fit through the kitchen doorway (oops). And the delivery people not being able to think laterally enough to open the damn fridge doors and shuffle it through (which is what our magical, strong man did – although he was prepared to remove the fridge doors if he had to).

So, yay!

Dfkan’s two men and a ute will be here tomorrow morning to remove the old fridge and some of the bigger items.

Today, we’re off to brave the oh-so-horrible crowds at Ikea to buy her a butchers block.

My baby! She’s a grown up!

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