a distinct lack of…

It’s rather gratifying and awesome that no-one over there <– on that list has blogged about Heath Ledger.

Oh wait.

Does this count as a Heath Ledger post?

Anyway, the funniest (and wierdest) comment I heard regarding the death was: “If it turns out he committed suicide, that was a very un-Australian thing to do” (said in complete and utter seriousness). I work with some peculiar people.

Also, Arcade Fire and Spoon (1) tonight. Woo.

3 thoughts on “a distinct lack of…

  1. Thank you, darling daughter.Yes, this is the result of trying to squish in those posts every day – I have found *loads* of spelling errors (after the fact) that I would (hopefully) not ordinarily have let slip through.And we all know that “wierd” is the strange things that happen as a result of attempts at frugality

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