this could be how i make it through the 365 days

Can it really be that we have to return to work tomorrow? Do not want.

We decided to drive to the Kurnell side of Botany Bay National Park and have a wee bit of a hike and try to catch some photos of the big waves with The Beast. The weather once again, proved to be delightful indeed.

The waves were quite large.

Yes, I hike/bushwalk in a skirt (really, I need to acquire me some shorts).

This is about the closest Don could get to the water before I began to become somewhat unsettled. What happened to the daredevil girly I was in my wayward youth? She would have been out there on the edge of the rocks.

Mmmmmmm … splashy.

A variation on the “Beware the giant waves” sign.

Beware the giant waves, for they are coming to get you. There is a third fisherman in the photo, you can just sort of see his shadow engulfed in the wave. They’d all just walked to the edge, when the biggest wave of the day attacked them.

More idiots brave the giant waves.

More splashy goodness.

Not splashy, but pretty I think.

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