You can actually smell the burning (and can barely see Glebe Island Bridge for the smoke).

Happy New Year!

Enjoy a couple of the 800 photos I took from the balcony (*not* taken with The Beast, I think the old girl still has some life in her yet):

Enjoy some professional shots here and here

We have resolved to have a New Years Party next year.

2 thoughts on “pyrotechnics

  1. Hello, my sincere apologies for using this for personal communication but my thunderbird is being an arse and so is gmail – I was able to sign in but do nothing else! I just had to do this now before I forget because I meant to email you WEEKS ago but I suspect my brain is currently the consistency of cottage cheese.In case you didn’t already know, Lisa is a Grandma .. her daughter had a baby girl at the end of November! A beautiful wee thing! Anyway, that’s all .. sorry again I couldn’t trust my brain to remember to try again later 🙁

  2. Holy crap! All I can say is that I’d better not be a grandma at her age!Of course you may use this for personal communications (but I will attempt to send you an email anyway).

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