1/130.13 + 2/130.13

As part of my not-resolutions, I did not resolve to listen to 13% of the albums in Don’s 1001 albums book.

Today, we have enjoyed The Cars: The Cars (p.415) and Arcade Fire: Funeral (p.933).

128.13 to go (or possibly more, if I can wrangle it).

But no Yo La Tengo in the whole book? So very, very, very wrong. I’d definitely trade the Britney (p. 852) or Justin (p.912) for one Yo La Tengo Album (especially, I’m not afraid of you, and I will beat your ass)

9 thoughts on “1/130.13 + 2/130.13

  1. hb, I regularly tell her she should get her own blog, because she can be quite humourous (despite her somewhat questionable musical tastes) And I also love it when you post mulitple comments – so much so, that I will not delete them.

  2. The Cars’ “The Cars” is an album full of nostalgia for me. Reminds me of being a newly minted teenager hanging out in my friend’s bedroom listening to music, while his sister in her room one over was listening to some crazy jangling stuff by some band called rem. And, ah . . . yeah, of course, “Fast Times” and Phoebe (always moving in stereo).

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