hogmanay already?

This afternoon, Don and I took The Beast on an outing to La Peruse. The weather was quite spectacular (and I am suffering sunburn as a consequence).

On the way (ex-glass factory at Moore Park)

Bare Island

When Port Jackson ceases being a working harbour, I may have to move here (except that it, you know, the area sucks … and reminds me far too much of the hick coastal town I grew up in, although it lacked the awesome boats).

Like two ships that pass in the … errr … afternoon

I do so like taking photos through holes in things

hmmmm … sandstoney

The ocean was way rough, that is quite a big cliff that the waves are hurling themselves against, it was so rough that beaches have been closed.

The original of the waves pic, The Beast does quite well resolution-wise.

“Don’t fall” signs really delight me.

“Beware the giant wave” signs are pretty awesome too.

Oh cranes, how I adore thee.

Dude with enviable lens taking pix of seagulls.

And I adore you too. Industrial things just fill me with glee.

We also took a walk around the enormous Botany Cemetery, parts of which are terribly neglected:

Poor Olga J. Shepherd.

And the artsy black and white version.

When I am dead, I sincerely hope that my loved ones do not decorate my grave (that I’d better not have) with those gods-awful, lurid plastic flowers. Otherwise, there will be haunting.

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