avast, me hearties

Last evening we had early cake for Don’s birthday. His birthday is today (yay Don), but the babies are returning home early this afternoon.

We cooked this totally awesome mud cake. And decorated with pirate candles, because who doesn’t love pirates?

Clearly I need a great deal of work on my photography skillz (and to use a tripod and to mess with the shutter speed and exposure compensation settings [and why do I not want a point and shoot camera again?]). It did look infinitely better In Real Life.

you are not drunk (well, perhaps you are, but this is really blurry, I think the light quality is nice).

Oh and you may have noticed that I have removed blogrolling from the sidebar, i just wasn’t that into it (I’m happy with the standard link table thingy in the sidebar, but I do wish that those apostrophes would stop turning into quotation marks in the sidebar headings).

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