yet another occasion where i really wish i had themed titles again (or: drunk)

I so wanted to write a clever title, but I nothing really sprung to mind (potentially because I have consumed way too much mount fishtail). I do so miss the Hardly theme. I have a great stash of Hardy Boys books in the garage/basement, filled with post-it flags, with awesome, unused titles.

But anyway, down to business, I don’t know about you, but I find it rather a trial to find new1, decent blogs to read (so much dross to wade through), so it was extremely delightful to come across the following:

totally oz, and fab and such!

sydney! yay! i love non-wanky, non-wannabe-hipster, sydney blogs. There are far, far, far too few of them (else, I am looking in the wrong places).

ace jet 170
I love typography! (one of my fondest memories is of creating fonts when I was in high school: loved me some title pages and headings2)

And if you have some suggestions about who I should be reading, please, do, comment. Leave me a link!

1Of course, I love and adore every single person on the sidebar that I have been reading for years, but people whom I adore keep falling off the face of the earth (yes, I recognise the hypocrisy)3.

2just tattoo that big “L” on my forehead right now.

3Oh! And I try to be all clever-like and link to people I have been reading for years who have disappeared and I find one of my fave Oz bloggers has returned (albeit in minimalist-twitter style). Welcome back Rowen! And are they ultrasound pix? Wow!

That, of course, means that I need to check every one on my old blogroll. Times like these, I really to succumb to an RSS feeder.

And, in a total non-sequitur, I am shocked to find that, to my horror, I realy quite like Kanye West.

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