both verses of the national anthem

Like everyone else, I’ve been doing the end of year thing.

Yesterday morning saw my last end of year presentation day (for Primary School anyway)! Yes, my Bess begins High School next year (makes one feel rather old).

The primary school is one of the largest in NSW, so presentation takes a longgg time despite being confined to stage 3 (that’s year 5+6 for you out-of-staters). Two and a half hours!

So I suffered through the choir (dreadfully out of tune), the dance group (leopard skin leotards) and the band (not quite so bad as the others), little children talking about how they were going to be the leaders of tomorrow etc etc (was it wrong to take a book?) because Bess was presented her award at the end.

She received the citizenship award (and a $50 gift voucher). When the Principal gave her address she said how pleased she was that Bessie had won the award because she was such a quiet achiever and gave so much to the school (which she does, she is always volunteering to do stuff (like helping out in the support unit, and the library, and in the school garden etc etc etc).

Of course, I had a quiet weep (or six).

4 thoughts on “both verses of the national anthem

  1. I took a book. And I sat under a tree and waited for my daughter’s item at the final assembly. There were lots of parents there and I don’t think the other kids saw me.My daughter’s item was the last on the program. Sigh.

  2. CB, I don’t know what I would have done without the book (it was my ipod last year).Haze, I have no idea how Bess ended up being so lovely, god knows it wasn’t genetics.Jano, your first, my last!Bessie’s school is 1,000ish – K-6! So everything lasts a loooong time!

  3. Yay Bess! We have our final Assembly tomorrow, and I have quizzed the principal on the order so I know I’ll be able to be there for wee Stella’s “Recognition Certificate” presentation.She’s at one of the smaller schools – about 120 pupils K-6 – so nothing takes too long, even the school concert.Thanks for the link!

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