the most dangerous position

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous wine label, or a cute/funny name. And it is usually on that basis that I select a bottle (and usually, it is a nice drop).

And Silly Mid On Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (warning: link is to a pdf) is a very nice drop indeed. We’ve had it before, but only yesterday (when we went to buy more than one bottle) realised that there were three different labels – it is teh awesome.

After finishing the bottles, I asked myself, what is the point of buying these awesome bottles, when you just put them in the recycling? And then resolved to soak the labels off and Do Something with them. Don, in his infinite wisdom, suggested fridge magnets – which was a way brilliant idea. Long time readers will know that we are all about the fridge magnets and we love us some cricket.

And so the soaking began and the labels came off nicely (after an overnight soak and with a few spooty bits).

d’oh – and then, while searching for links, I found these images (pix are clickable), much better than one arrives at by soaking the wine bottles.

But, still, the soaking and using the actual labels is much more authentic (yeah, I’ll just keep telling myself that).

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