skint, skeevy, rains-ish

Apparently you’ll be quite the (wo)man of letters (and, really, aren’t we all?), if you are reading here. Personally, I blame the last post and words such as “statementness”.

cash advance

from here

But strangely, if I enter the URL for each post on this page, I end up with:

cash advance

Which is infinitely better, for I know that you, dear readers, are all geniuses (geniusii?)

I’m trying to unravel how it works, but alas, it is thwarting all efforts. Don claims that MS Word used to have a similar feature. I’m off to locate it!

5 thoughts on “skint, skeevy, rains-ish

  1. Hah! I got “high school” and was affronted, but then realised I had misspelled “sidetalk”. Clever me! So I put it in properly and got …elementary school level.I’m taking my bat and ball and going home.

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