“you’ll feel a little discomfort”

Well, as of this evening I can ditch the godsdamn little pills which have been ruling my life and make me fat.

And there was much rejoicing (and not a little “discomfort”).

I’m going to have a couple of ibuprofen and wee lie down with a good book.

3 thoughts on ““you’ll feel a little discomfort”

  1. Do you have a Mirena? They are supposed to be wonderful – I backed out of getting it a couple of years ago because of the 200 year old gyno. Remind me to email you.

  2. Nope. I have a Copper T. The gyno said if it was hormones making me gain weight, the Mirena would only make it worse.There was a little pain and general weirdness, but it seems to have subsided now (thankfully)

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