Because I am a joiner (well, okay, I’m not really), I have joined shelfari, as recommended by the lovely hazelblackberry.

If only it would love any of my ISBNs, or my somewhat ancient english editions of books.

I’m still trying to work out how to make people my friends. You’d think being the uber-nerd that I am, I would have this sort of thing down by now.

I fear this will be a slow process.

3 thoughts on “000615591X

  1. You can spend an entire lifetime trying to work out how to make people your friends. You’re a lovely person. My advice is just be yourself.

  2. Oh you’re there. Goody gumdrops. I shall log in late tonight and see if I can make you a friend. I have to log in late because…oh, it’s a boring story. Just accept I have to log in late.

  3. Thanks DONonymous.I read the anon comment and initially thought it was hilarious but then upon reflection thought, “oh dear, what if some poor soul really was being sincere and not terribly funny” and then I felt bad. It was at that point that Don confessed.Hazelblackberry, so you can friend me: email is buymeapony at gmail etc.

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