No talking or thinking about work. Well, my work anyway.

Dfkan decided on Tuesday afternoon that she had really had enough of reallybiglawfirm and sent out some CVs – she had a sparkly new job by Friday afternoon.

Last evening we had dinner at the pub (where I had some really awesome lamb shanks) and dfkan insisted on us buying some raffle tickets.
The result:

We’ll be indulging in some roast vegies this evening.

Today we actually went for a walk (first time we have not used the car in a long while). I found an awesome new local shop and bought a hat! (and a fantabulous green velevet coat and a delightful tweedish skirt too – no pix of those just yet).

Don thinks it very Marlo Thomas, and by golly, there could be worse things!

While out walking Don popped in to the optometrist to order some new contacts and I thought I might as well make an appointment for an eye test (because I have been having some trouble seeing in the distance very well at night – particularly when I am driving). Fortunately, they could fit me in that very minute. Turns out I cannot see very well at all, but it is the close-up stuff I cannot see – my distance vision is fine, I just get very fatigued eyes because I am trying so hard to see what is in front of me all day. The optometrist held up a newspaper style page for me to look at and then put lenses in front of my eyes. Holy Crap! It was just like magic! It is amazing how the vision can deteriorate and you have no idea it is doing so.

I pick the new specs up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It was truly fantastic to go out locally and not end up at Broadway Shopping Centre – which is where we always end up on a Saturday or Sunday buying food and such. It was even worth paying $19 for a chicken (in the chicken’s defence, it was organic) from the local butcher. I think we totally need to go back to that huge shop once every couple of months because, god, I hate malls.

And I do so adore the working harbour:

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  1. Well, I think they are groovy (ultimately persuaded by Don and the receptionist at the Optometrist) – bright red with chequered red and black sides to make them go faster.It seems to be quite the thing for “ladies of a certain age” to be getting spec’d up at the moment! Maybe we are all simultaneously going blind.

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