“well, frankly, you’ve turned into a dick”

Work sucks, man.

My mantra of:
“i am here for the money, i am here for the money, i am here for the money, i am here for the money”
wasn’t working very well.

The Oaf was as loathsome as ever.

Cinamaroll spent the afternoon being utterly rude to Pubes (causing shock and horror to Heather and I). The rudeness culminated in Cinamaroll screaming at Pubes in a meeting (the Receptionist had to go and close the door) and then Cinamaroll running out of the meeting crying and hysterical.

It is a very sad day indeed when The Professor and I are the sane, balanced ones.

I wanted to sit under my desk and rock back and forth. What happened to our cohesive, lovely department?

And to top it off, The Oaf asked me for a coffee tomorrow morning – he wants to have a chat about all the shit that is going down (read: he wants to confront me about dobbing on him).

I plan to repeat the title.

Damn, that fashionista job is looking mighty attractive.

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