i feel my marianne walking awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay*

It’s babies weekend!

And since we’ve moved to hippy-land, it takes somewhat longer to get home(and involves two modes of public transport), so we’ve taken to catching a cab from Central which is much faster and less cold and dark and spooty (although I do tend to become VERY travel sick in most taxis – so spend most of the journey clenching my jaw and breathing slowly to avoid hurling) and less stressful (because I do so hate catching the bus when I am laden with luggage or shopping or my gym bag). Last night, however, we hit a low in our taxi journeys, when Joe/Frank accidentally slammed my hand in the cab door – and my goodness it hurt (and I didn’t even swear! but I did think I would collapse). I am quite sore and rather bruised today (but it doesn’t compare to the pain of last evening – thank goodness for frozen peas).

All this makes me increasingly more convinced to say “stuff my ecological footprint” and get a car. 3+ hours public transport vs 50 minutes driving?1 Hmmmmmm. The debt and running costs give me pause though (I haven’t had a car for 6 years and haven’t missed it until now).

So, dear reader, I would anticipate news of Don and Carol car ownership sooner rather than later.

And also, this book making thingy is way cool (and I am considering having Mrs H turned into a book)

*What I was listening to when composing this post – yes, we are very sad indeed – this will massively mess with Don’s hipster cred.

1That’s 3+ hours twice a fortnight (Friday evening collection and Sunday evening return) and my travel time (half for the babies).

4 thoughts on “i feel my marianne walking awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay*

  1. That was a bit ambiguous, wasn’t it? I’ll edit. Thankfully usually only two trips a fortnight (there and back). Back in the day, when they were smaller, I made that journey several times a week – I think finally the novelty of trains has worn off for everyone.

  2. The money soak thing is precisely what I am afraid of. Well, that and I know I would use the car for everything and lose all of the incidental exercise I get and have to spend more time and the gym and (and spirals into disaster … I do love me some catastrophising).

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