Omitted to mention that we had our fab dinner, courtesy of Marie Celeste (as a reward for all of my slavery) on Thursday evening. We went to Atelier, which is just a hop skip and jump down the road. Very yummy it was too (by golly, the duckling was to die for), everything was just gorgeous & we’ll definitely be making our way back there in the not too distant future.


Yesterday while shopping alone (I should not be permitted to roam shopping centres unaccompanied – especially on the weekend before I am paid), I purchased the aforementioned scarf, lonely planet guide to England (for dfkan – who is planning a trip next March), aforementioned cream wool and very lovely merino argyle jumper for Don – and I think something else, but I’ve forgotten what it was. On the way home I discovered a garage sale down the road and grabbed two interior design books (one of which was still shrink wrapped!). Quite dreadful when I was just going out to buy razor blades.


I’ve been searching the internets for ideas for my t-shirt scarf, and either my google-fu is failing me or I have actually had an original idea. There are knitted t-shirt scarves – where the shirt is cut up like yarn, but no actual scarves made from t-shirts that I can find.


I’m sure I had other things I was going to blog about, but I’m stuffed if I can remember what they are.

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