finished object!

Yesterday, I sat on the couch and watched some of Midsomer Murders Season 4 and commenced a scarf for Don.

Today it is compleat – woo!

I purchased 4 balls of Paton’s Inca in colour 7020, grabbed some 6.5mm needles from my sewing basket and knit in farrow rib. The Inca knits up a treat (and fast).

This appears to be the requisite farrow rib scarf pose. Mine is dreadfully lit by flash and will be replaced when sufficient light is available

Badly-lit Action Shot!

The daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy liked the look so much, my next project is a farrow rib scarf for her – in cream 100% wool.

And while on the subject of scarves, I went out shopping this afternoon (given that the promised tempest did not last the entire long weekend) – alone1 (which is a dangerous thing indeed) and purchased myself a scarf which I totally adore:

While I was sick I had this totally fab idea of repurposing old t-shirts as scarves, in particular the steely dan t-shirt2 I was wrapping around my throat to stop me coughing. This scarf kind of reminds me of that. If only I had an overlocker, that shirt would be warming my wee cold neck right now.

1More on my other acquisitions later.

2insert “show biz kids” lyrics.

2 thoughts on “finished object!

  1. Being the oldest grandchild, my granny virtually forced me to learn to knit and crochet (and go to Brownies and Sunday School and all manner of horrid other things). It is A Very Good Thing when one wants something to do with one’s hands when one gave up smoking 34 weeks ago (woo!).I do so love the scarf and it is super-warm (sales girl totally suckered me in by saying, “we only have a very limited number of these”). It is probably a tad more Stevie Nicks than I would ordinarily get about in – I feel like I need some peasant skirts and some shawls and those slouchy boots and feathery earrings (oh the horror!).

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