the shame

We listened to the following fabulously daggy hits from yout yoof this evening and I dazzled Don because know all the words1 (and I mean ALL the words – the breathing, the back-up singers bits – everything) to the following:

“i can’t go for that (no can do)”

“turn me loose”

“breakfast in america”

“give a little bit”

“the logical song”

“don’t stop believing”

“keep on loving you”

“hot blooded”

“cold as ice”


“more than a feeling”

Funnily, I was about the same age as wee Bessie and Joe/Frank when some of these came out. Just think of what useful (and possibly employment-useful, money-making) things could have been filling my brain in this time.

Disappointingly for Don, I do not know all the words to Mr Roboto – I don’t recall Styx being very big here (I’m sure that is how I could have made my fortune).

1 and can identify them within the first 7 seconds

2 thoughts on “the shame

  1. Aaaah, beautiful memories. Actually, whenever I’m behind the wheel of the car (because, yes, we say stuff it to our ecological footprint) then I listen to any one of three hits-and-memories stations so I hear these songs HEAPS. How I love them, every single one.

  2. I think you and I could make the awesomest 70s/80s mix CD ever.I really need to get some totally oz 70s/80s stuff, because Don’s education has been sadly lacking in that department. Suggestions?

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