4 thoughts on “best thing seen today

  1. Not a patch on last year’s Eurovision (seriously if you didn’t experience Lordi you haven’t lived.)How on earth the ernest hampster with her all girl chorus won is beyond us, especially since we picked Estonia as the winners.Portly Geek

  2. I agree that the contest is a mere shadow of its former self.And Ukraine should totally have won.Or France! that dude with the stuffed cat on his shoulder was rocking.

  3. We hated the French entry at first until we realised it was designed just to annoy everyone else.I’m thinking that a fake cat and a fake french accent to match might be just the thing for work.Portly Geek

  4. Ignore what I said about Estonia, I meant the Ukraine. Yes, the ones with the suits made out of gutted disco balls.Portly Geek

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