Today I am working from home, because I have massive amounts of work to do and I just can’t concentrate in the office, and I was stressed to the eyeballs and becoming slightly hysterical and being the martyr that I am, it took an awful lot of convincing by my boss that I should stay here and work today.

I slowly warmed to the idea after additional persuasion by Don and the dsughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy.

And hey, working while sitting around in my underwear and listening to loud music is mighty fine indeed. I could become accustomed to this.

Tomorrow and Friday, Cinnamoroll and I are at a Presentation Skills course – it commences with us each having to give a presentation (such that we would give for work) of 7 minutes, whereupon we will be critiqued &etc. Let us hope we are not recorded (audio or video). The horror!

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