At the end of my blogging hiatus I stumbled upon some personal finance blogs. It would seem that personal finance blogs are the new craft blogs (ie. you can’t move through the internets without running into one).

There would appear to be a staggeringly huge amount of people out there in the internets who have amazing amounts of personal debt (credit cards and the like).

My favourite pf blogs are the ones which contain frugal tips, as I’ve had a long love affair with the wackily frugal and wacky ways to save a buck (such as my favourite all time tip from watering down your milk – the kids won’t know the difference! [until their bones start snapping like wee twigs]).

Some of the pf blogs I’ve run across are quite sensible and provide many fine ideas for sensibly saving money and getting out of debt (and hey, I’m all about scabbing stuff off the street: see the fan post below).

But some, well, some are using crisco as a lip balm and hand moisturiser, and some have stopped using toilet paper!1

but the best (no.14 in a list of 25):

      Pray – ask God to show me where to cut back.

I am not sure that a vengeful god would be too happy with appearing at number 14 – after reusing your gladwrap etc.

I think this could overtake the the milk as my all-time favourite!

1 ewwww

2 thoughts on “frugality

  1. Elsewhere, ever since I read your comment I have been searching (almost daily) for the frugal tip I saw somewhere which explained how to cunningly disguise toilet rolls (and use them in lieu of tissues) by putting them in a festive-wrapping-paper covered coffee can. Classy! Sadly, I have been unable to locate it and must admit defeat. But I swear that tip is out there … somewhere.Frankly I can’t see that toilet paper would have the necessary thickness for the nose-blowing or nose-pickery.

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