the red and the white (and the brown)

School holidays this week, so have been distracted from posting.

We had mad fun at the Duck’s game. Couldn’t sit in the Members’ because Don lacked the requisite long pants.

So we sat in the Noble stand – about 4 rows back from the field. This has positive and negative aspects.

+ive – you can see the players very closely
-ive – you can’t see any of the action at all when the ball is up the other end.

We are yet to decide which is the better option. Definitely down the front when the babies are with us.

And yay! we won.

Please enjoy the progressively more out-of-focus photographs.

Geared up

Pies! The ones at Telstra Stadium are much more yummy.

More! Pies!

Wee kiddies swamping the Foxtel cameraman

Rebuilding the hill

We have such a lame mascot

The banner thingy (Brisbane’s was way better – because they had the Pride/Lions pun – hilarious)

“We’re going for the brown team” – I kind of dig that they paid hundred of dollars for membership and haven’t geared-up at all.

I love the old guys who yell out advice to the players. And this one had a fab crocheted scarf!

I was so very excited when I heard Spidey was joining the team! He’s very tall, isn’t he?

Our half time beer snake. It was rather longer by the final siren.

Surly girl. She reminded me so much of a young daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy (sans red hair, of course) – with her grumpy demeanor and sullen ways. And she had made a sign! Held up with red plastic spoons! I tried to catch a photograph of it for ages – in the end Don tapped her on the picture and asked if we could take a picture. The sign was awesome and so was she!

Kick to kick! Where, by the power of heaps of beer, I was able to both catch *and* kick! And disclocate my finger and get a huge bruise on my foot.

And finally…….

The hand was a little unsteady by the end of the afternoon. Imagine how unsteady it was after the pub crawl home.

I was going to make a “footy” set in flickr, but they will only let me have 3 sets unless I upgrade to a non-freebie account – the part of me that wants to be frugal says “hell no” to that!

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