Adventures in gardening: part 4

Flushed with the success of what we now know are lemons and a mango, about 2 weeks ago we decided to plant other seeds that we came across in the course of cooking/eating into cans/tins1 and see what (if anything) happened.

So when Don made salsa fresca, we had an abundance of tomato seeds and chucked them in a couple of tins (first punching holes in the bottom of the tins for drainage). We also chucked some chilli and apples into other tins a week or so later.

I’ve been checking the tins each morning and evening in my course of visiting all the plants, and as expected nothing at all has been happening. The lemons and mango took a couple of months before they sprouted, so we were anticipating the same sort of timeline.

I visited the plants yesterday evening – nothing at all except soil.

Don called me out this morning to this:

Holy crap!

1we’re severely lacking in wee pots to do this sort of stuff in. That and being all frugal and stuff.

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