Views and such

The weather hasn’t been nice enough to take a photo to do justice to the spectacular view from our balcony.

So here is a photo from the New Years Eve fireworks taken from said balcony.

Spectacular, no?

4 thoughts on “Views and such

  1. Cellobella! It’s so lovely to see you again.Wait until y’all see the outdoor furniture which came with the place ,then you’ll be even more covetous – it appears to be made from white plumbing pipe (and is far too cumbersome to lug down the many, many stairs to the garage). The balcony is very much a work in progress, but we do have some astro-turf and are hanging for some macrame hanging baskets and those glass fishing bouy thingies and ferns! and pampas grass in a vase!Loving the ironic retro thing. Doesn’t really go with the planned vegies though.

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