Don and Carol’s Chart Toppers(—perhaps the first in a series)

“Are you old enough?”

Christmas past Carol gave the Don a beautiful, cherished gift—a turntable. I appreciate vinyl of ALL sorts but especially the musical.

Thus equipped, we ventured out over the next several weeks (and still are) scouring Sydney and the eBays for the finest in nostalgic plastic musical reproductions.

With varying success.

Vinyl is best suited certain genres of music, and Eighties music is certainly one of them. Being children of the Eighties ourselves, it would be natural that we would start there, and so we did.

We picked up Huey Lewis (a must):

And Tom Petty (okay, a must only if you’re American like me):

And Journey:

And then there was this:

. . . and wow

So good and full of so many awesome rock clichés. But none can top . . .

“Hot Blooded”

You know it; you probably even know the words (just admit it). But have you listened to those words? Recently?

Feel the fever burning inside of me
Come on baby, do you do more than dance? . . .

Now its up to you, can we make a secret rendezvous?
Oh, before we do, youll have to get away from you know who . . .

Oh Yeah.

Go listen—now—and then you’ll know the Don and Carol experience.

2 thoughts on “Don and Carol’s Chart Toppers(—perhaps the first in a series)

  1. I always listen to “classic” radio stations for the horrible pleasure of hearing songs like Hot Blooded turned up full bore (with all the windows up, of course). And my love for Tom Petty has never died.I was very disappointed the other day when we were roaming the radio stations and Bryan Adams’ “Run to You” had just started and Grumpy changed the station. Tsk and tch.Wikipedia has a great description of the song’s theme: “The lyrics manifest the dilemma that a man has to go through while making choices. Specifically, the protagonist ponders whether to stay faithful to his current partner or to “run to” his illegitimate partner.”

  2. I always sing along to such things in the supermarket – especially loudly when I am with the daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy (because it is my duty as her mother to embarrass her publicly as much as possible). Don omitted to mention that we also have Van Halen in our 80’s collection – scary stuff indeed.And Boston is on the wish-list.

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