Adventures in Gardening: Part 2

They’ve grown quite a bit since last week!

And using a real camera, rather than my dodgy phone makes a huge difference!

Still no closer to working out what they are, but I daresay they’ll need repotting in the not too distant future!

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Gardening: Part 2

  1. goodness! look at that grow! You should really put them in their own pots, especially the one that is going to grow and grow and grow and overshadow everything else.

  2. This is the third time I’ve tried to post a comment and blogger keeps eating them! ARGH! I remember now why I went to Haloscan (and so probably there will be three lots of comments in the morning).I’ll try this and then if it works, I’ll post again!

  3. Okay, here we go!Harriet, he is doing very well indeed, isn’t he. I think repotting is on the cards for the weekend.Hazelblackberry, hellllloooooooo, it’s so nice to see you (cue many, many exclamation marks).Don has roughly the same proportion of posts to mine as he gets in words in our every day conversations.And I bow to your superior knowledge of plantage – the poor thing could be screaming “I’m a pony” and galloping about the pot and I would be completely deaf to its cries.

  4. blogger comments suck – they have always sucked. I had that trouble the other night and I expected to see a triplicate of one comment of mine when it finally showed.

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