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The weather yesterday seemed rather kinder than on Friday and Saturday, so we walked! Just a wee smidgen under 20 kilometres.

And verily, it was loads of fun and we are quite sore today!

Our route.

Quite a way, isn’t it?

I took along the camera and took far too many pix as we walked along (all this photographing probably added about an hour to the journey!). You can see the results here, although I am yet to describe any of them (and it is infinitely better to chose the slideshow, as that mosiacy thing crops everything to squares).

It was all very urban decay-ey. Particularly Rozelle Hospital (Callan Park) – which is just falling to bits and is both depressing and not-a-little scary at the same time.

And I am madly in love with every wee little fishing boat in Iron Cove – primarily because our bay is full of horrid pointy boats (as we call them) and Don and I have been coveting a wee little boat of our very own for a while now (but golly! how expensive are boats?!).

mosiac made with this groovy tool

Here’s a groovy mosiac of photos from my favourite part of our walk – the disused White Bay Power Station – which is truly fab and which I should have taken many more photos of – it’s not to far from home, so not at all a problem to go back there – and I’ll cross my fingers that they have an open day in the not too distant future (the internet tells me they had one in 2003).

For our next adventure, we plan to wander north of the harbour. This time we’ll be taking something like trail-mix with us because we found ourselves a wee bit peckish (and found a surprising lack of places to acquire food on route – although Balmain came to our rescue!)

Oh yeah, and we’ll be wearing sunscreen.


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