Food and rain and exercise

Don and I had planned to go on a bit of an urban hike1 (of roughly 20 kilometers according to this groovy tool) over the Easter break (compleat with backpacks and dorky shoes etc). Sadly, rain put paid to our healthy plans both yesterday and today.

Today we decided the best alternative option would be cooking! Yay! So we wandered down to the shops and supermarket to grab some ingredients and whipped up some corned beef from this book – which was spendidly comforting (and splendidly delicious) and with just enough leftovers for some corned beef and pickle sambos for lunch tomorrow – mmmmmmm. Well, that is what I’ll be having – undoubtedly Don will be having some weirdo American concoction which will involve mustard and mayonaise (and no butter).

While we were out (and encouraged by the success of our mystery seeds) we purchased some seeds in packets (and some tulip bulbs for the-daughter-formerly-known-as-Nancy): strawberry, capsicum, pea and chilli. Fortunately, we have a rather enormous balcony – which I really should provide pictures of, because it is spectacular indeed (and I really should start using the camera and not my phone, to take pix).

Instead, please enjoy the seed packets:

(replaced with decent image)

So this afternoon, the rain poured and the beef simmered and I cleaned the divine oven – which was a singularly unpleasant task.

Tomorrow we’ll be having minestrone from the same book – mmmmmmm. Hopefully we will get that wee hike in first!

But now (as probably evidenced by my typing), I’m rather enjoying a bottle of this :

1Yes, this really is me.

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