“we’d better tie him on,” joe panted as he pulled some rope from his pockets.

So, I had this cunning idea of making a list of all of those projects which have fallen by the wayside and decide which would be worth pursuing and which best abandoning – I figured if I had realistic projects it would stop me feeling so grumpish and overwhelmed.

I began by finally buying photo paper and printing out some photographs of my babies to decorate my miserable little cubicle (something I had been telling myself I’d do for months now). So that was one thing down – without even writing the list!

But then I went to work today and golly, so very much work, so very much stress. I have about 5 projects (projects which would ordinarily take a week each) due on Friday, which would be fine if I did not also have a couple of half day meetings scheduled for this week.

How on earth do people in high powered / demanding roles cope with this sort of thing and not go completely mental? And still manage to be widely read and cook fabulous meals and have wonderfully interesting lives (and are not insane at all). I totally marvel at it.

I think I need a plan.

And some more lists.

And some deep breaths.

And a plan.

In other news, Nancy allegedly has her braces removed tomorrow.

and a new breaker gif crossed off the imaginary list.

well, until I tire of it…

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