the concussion nearly knocked the boys off their ponies.

Poor Fenton is quite ill with a cold, I fear I am getting his illness too, so am guzzling down the echinacea and vitamin C in a probably fruitless attempt to prevent it taking hold.

In terribly exciting news – I have almost completed the dreaded report that I have been putting off (read: far too busy) since the beginning of the year, but which had a deadline of Friday, which I managed to extend until Monday (and of which I am now going to have to extend until Wednesday because I need Professorial input, and he is off lecturing aka warping young minds). The relief is completely, utterly, deliciously amazing!

We’re currently participating in the annual harldy viewing of Eurovision (as an aside, wasn’t 2005 supposed to be Terry Wogan’s last?). Either I’m getting old, am ill, or this year’s contest is utterly boring (well, except for the winners).

Perhaps next week I can get around to making that list o’ stuff I mentioned previously, and return to the wonders of The Year 2000.

Oh, and sadly, Nancy did not have her braces removed (personal crisis of the Dentist’s). Surprisingly she took it rather well. The appointment has been re-made for Tuesday – bits crossed for no crisis.

I think my breaker gif may be a little too large/intense – rework may be required.

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