how do i know who you are? two young men in a large hurry to get over the border. it must be for some secret purpose – perhaps illegal.

I was a little underwhelmed by the nominees for the 2006 Australian Blog Awards, mainly because it was pretty much the same old A-List bloggers (with *most* of my faves absent1). Last year I found some fantastic and diverse new reads (many of whom feature in the sidebar over there —> ) .

I was lucky enough to find Grab Your Fork, which is a fab read, but not much else new that thrilled me to bits.

So I headed to distant climes to the BoBs, where I first came across the utterly brilliant Manolo and have once again found fabulousness – amazingly under the guise of mommy blogs (which ordinarily I wouldn’t go within 29 clicks of).

You must read Grace – who is indeed super-fantastic.

And big yellow house – who is also most super-fantastic.

I’m on the way to filling all that lazing on the couch2 time I now have thanks to my supporting local small business!

And a fond farewell to the wonderful 42 short, James is the coolest librarian ever, who introduced me to the delights of Nick, Nora and Asta, who is moving on to a more minimalist style blog. I’ll still be reading avidly, but will miss the vignettes into librarian life.

1some weren’t missing though! Yay for elsewhere and flashman who both totally rock my socks.
note to self: next year actually nominate faves
2 Yes, I suppose I could actually do something useful rather than sitting on the couch, but really, how likely is that?

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