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Dear Children’s Clothing Designers

Why do you insist upon designing clothing for 10-year-old girls which makes them look like skanks?

I’m not one of these frills and bows pinafore types, I don’t want my 10 year old to look like a faerie princess or Alice in Wonderland. I’m simply all about the hip and witty and quirky and less about the mini prostitute. I know you are able to do funky because there are perfectly lovely things out there for girls up to children’s size 6. But there is nothing at all available for a children’s size 8-9, nothing. It’s like 8-14 year old’s must to exist in a wasteland of glittery one shouldered midrif tops.

And what is this ubiquitous skull motif appearing on the clothing available for almost-twelve-year-old boys? Could you move on to something a little less lame?

Kind Regards
Mrs Hardly


Note: the above was much better in it’s original form, however the computer ate my post and I was forced to recreate.

Having identified the lack of decent clothing out there for Bess, I resolved to turn to my trusty sewing machine for assistance. Unfortunately all of the pattern books I looked through contained nothing but fug for that age group. I need a 10 year old girl dress form, perhaps the holidays would be a fine time to wrap Bess in duct tape. I really wish I had the time to learn to pattern make.

Joe/Frank has it a little easier in the skull avoidance stakes – he usually supplements his wardrobe with Nancy’s/Fenton’s/My cast-offs.


Late yesterday afternoon we trooped down the steep, slippery, stone steps to the park for a wee walk and game of cricket (with tennis ball). It was loads of fun, we plan to do it more frequently. Typical of us to have a great harbourside park less than 45 seconds walk away and we rarely visit it.

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