suddenly, to frank’s and Joe’s complete surprise, their hostess leaned forward in her chair and gave them a sly wink!

Good grief, have I really not been at work for a week? This holiday is going way too quickly for my liking.

It’s times like these I fantasize about never going back to work – ever. The babies have been delightful, everything is so very relaxed (despite my short bout with a cold). Would that I could be this mellow always (I’m sure those who live with me agree) – stupid having to work to be able to eat (and do essential things like pay for someone else to launder Fenton’s shirts).

Chocolate Chip Biscuit baking Mark II went spectacularly well this afternoon. We substituted mini M&Ms for the chocolate chips. I was planning to take a photograph of them, however I got the dreaded “battery low” message and am recharging. So pix later – should the ravenous hoardes leave any to photograph.

Note to self: oven-from-hell requires 170oC and cooking for 12 minutes on the top shelf, 13 minutes on the middle (turning after 5 minutes and 10 minutes): timing courtesy of the fabulous fan-forced oven tip from the sunbeam tips and tricks page.

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