“that fresh kid again,” he said menacingly. “you got an unhealthy interest in the time.”

This weekend Fenton resurected the pauvre dead T20, by combining his and Nancy’s dead ones. Now we have a laptop again – hurrah!


We had yet another resignation at the Marie Celeste on Friday, I am unsure how many this makes it now, but it is rather a lot in the almost 12 months that I have been there.

The Powers That Be have tackled the retention problems head on and … called in the consultants . We’ve had a round of staff satisfaction surveys, focus groups and the like. Apparently the results for my division are utterly appalling. The reporting uses some sort of traffic light methodology for what the consultants consider to be key areas of strength/weakness and rumour has it that all of ours are red (around 27 of them).

We have a staff meeting on the morning of the 6th, where the results will be officially presented to us, followed by a two hour divisional de-brief. I can see now that it will be all the fault of the staff for not getting with the programme (and being afraid of change – which is a constant refrain) and not at all the fault of the fembot (at whose feet everyone squarely laid blame). Ah, the joys of corporate life!

In other Marie Celeste news, my new role is awaiting approval (this could take quite a while), it had better mean more cash, because I’m rather tired of being paid approximately half of what the rest of Dept. Cool-until-you-are-actually-in-it is for doing similar work.

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