urk (or i am a bad blogger)

We are all sick in the Hardly Haus – fluey & icky & hot & our brains are not functioning quite as well as they should – so here are some rambling snippets (if, in fact, you can have snippets that ramble, which I doubt because snippets are supposed to be short, and rambling, is, well, rambling…)

Fenton’s trusty T20 has died after providing several years of very good service. We’ll be sharing my computer for a wee while, so updates could be scant – unless I type like the wind before he comes home (well, type like a zephyr – I usually have a couple of hours free before his arrival). Looks like he’ll be going the desktop route (better bang for the buck) – which could prove interesting because there is really not terribly much (ie. none) desk space available. It appears we’ll have a desktop on the coffee table – stylish.

The last rat that deserted the Marie Celeste was escorted from the building for questioning his notice period – he was instructed not to communicate with any Marie Celeste staff now or in the future, lest he “infect” them – charming. There are many, many disgruntled rats aboard – should make for an interesting cheesy workshop on Friday.

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