“haven’t you heard?” the officer asked in surprise. “the arrow that shot your father was poisoned!”

Technology hates me – part 674

I was most excited this morning because I managed to locate the CD which contains the dodgy-cam software. Finally, I thought, I will get to share my mad quasi-convict-outfit creation skillz.

Sadly, it is not to be – after installing the software and trying to suck the photos out, I recieved multiple “camera connection error” windows and voila – photos had disappeared from the camera.

This is what I get for using the dodgy-cam, rather than one of the two decent cameras.



The Project is no further along than when I last blogged about it. I seem to have been overtaken by a brooding, grumpish malaise. I suspect it has to do with Fenton being gone yet again, because when he made a flying visit home for less than 24 hours I was quite cheerful. Obviously I am not quite so zen with the whole travel thing as I would like to believe. Thankfully this is allegedly the last trip for the year.

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