after hanging up, he asked mrs hardy, “have you an unmounted diamond?”

I intended to post this yesterday, but my wayward child distracted me by being very wayward indeed.

I arrived at the Marie Celeste yesterday to find yet another email pimping the motivational posters:

It would seem the intent is for everyone in the division to have a motivational poster at their workstation. Way to reinforce that we are mindless clones, Fembot. Apparently there are also large, framed posters of the same four prints, which will be located at strategically throughout the floor. This will be the only artwork we have.

I am one of the remaining (very) few who have not selected a print. I suspect my name is now on a list somewhere.

In protest, I now have the following as my desktop picture:

Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

Courtesy of the fabulous

I need a new job. Hmmmmmm, I seem to recall saying something similar at the same time last year….

In other news, in keeping with embracing the theme, you may notice a wee change to the default gravatar in the comments.

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