“fenton expects his sons to follow through and see justice done. he doesn’t want me to pamper them into being cowards.”

It’s 9.48pm and I am very inebriated. So much so that I have to re-type every second key. So much so that a walk from The Rocks to Lizzie Bay didn’t sober me up. So much so that a cold shower didn’t sober me up. I am hoping that a strong coffee will sober me up. Call me a pessimist, but somehow I think not. All that after 3 glasses of chardonnay. Yes, I am a really cheap drunk.

The cause of all of this libation (I would have typed libatiousness, but it appears not to be a word, but perhaps it will be a word when I am sober tomorrow) is that Boadicea (who is Nancy grown up) from Team Cool resigned today (which will cause ructions), so we were celebrating that and her permanent residency. I was the only person from the Marie Celeste to attend. So I socialised with a bunch of 30-ish hipsters, who were aghast that I have an 11 year old and horrified to discover that I had a 17 year old. Always good for the ego.

I just turned on the teev – some Star Trek film is on – Patrick Stewart is rather dishy, isn’t he?

I had my mouth-thingies (I’m sure there is a proper word for it, which currently escapes me) made for my teeth whitening today. $650.00 to eat plasticine. Whitening occurs on the 20th October. I will have to take some before and after shots. It had better be worth the obscene amount of money it is costing.

I also attended some all-day team building training today, which was interesting. One of the facilitators had these peculiar spectacles which snapped together above the bridge of the nose with a magnet, so she was able to snap them on to read and off to hang them around her neck – it tripped me out. During the training we had to do a Myers-Briggs test – apparently I am an ENTP (which seems reasonably accurate). What are you dear reader?

I think I will go and lie down on the couch.

In other news, I miss Fenton.

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