“never you mind. you just can’t rely on men who don’t have a woman around the house to keep them straight.”

This week at Mrs Hardly’s blog, we will be enjoying titles courtesy of The Hardy Boys Shore Road Mystery (No. 17).


I’m currently tweaking the template, so will be back with more of the usual dross later this evening.

Well, that was rather quicker than I had anticipated.

Regular visitors may notice the addition to the sidebar. While in no way as cool as the lovely Rowen’s recent comments, hopefully it will enable me to see when someone has commented and actually respond, rather than seeming like an aloof cow.


You may remember the library bag I made for Joe/Frank back in March. I mentioned in the now vanished comments1 that I had made one for Bess and that I would take a photo at the first opportunity and the opportunity arose when I collected them from school on Friday afternoon:

Another reason never to throw anything away (I really didn’t say that, Harriet!) Because it was crafted from old jeans and skirts.


Nancy had yet another assignment which she left until the last minute on the weekend. On this occasion it was a chemistry assignment, a practical chemistry assignment. There was much shouting about being irresponsible.

Here is the lovely tripod we concocted.


Thank the universe that Fenton was home to assist and to calm my frazzled nerves – because I could have cheerfully strangled her.

1I really must do something about finding some comments that do not disappear after 3 months.

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